Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

If you want to achieve ROI as quickly as possible for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, it’s important to choose a technology partner with deep experience delivering results for companies in your particular industry. Because when it comes to business management software, one size definitely does not fit all.

Our industry-specific software helps you take advantage of having experience in developing best practices. Use of this industry-specific focus speeds implementation and ultimately results in a faster return-on-investment.

Industry Software

Create data-driven digital transformation outcomes with our market-leading enterprise cloud data management solutions tailored for your industry.Seize the disruptive power of data. Informatica partners with organizations in all major sectors to create actionable data for use by people, apps, devices, and more. Drive value and discover new innovations with trusted and connected data at scale.


We provide from automotive to machinery to pharmaceuticals and medical devices. See how we connect your entire business, from R&D to the shop floor to the top floor.


Find Logics Software Solutions distribution software helps distributors deliver faster and gain efficiency by streamlining inventory, warehouse and delivery operations. Improve stock turnover and reduce costs in your wholesale business.