Building Transportation of Future with Digital

This division of FindLogics Software Solutions focusses on technologies and systems for transportation, logistics, trucking and the mover/storage industries. Our expertise in specific transportation/logistics workflows, processes, systems and technologies ensures a faster ramp-up and domain-intensive understanding.

FindLogics transportation business is associated with the pioneers in transport research and technology, helping them leverage digital technologies to create new benchmarks. It is this work that has instilled the confidence in us to solve modern issues in transportation. Experion’s software architects and digital transformation experts work with transportation businesses to provide them the agility they need. Our customers focus on capacity planning and operational activities to beat competition, leaving technology challenges to us. We focus on global issues such as cutting down on accidents, asset maintenance costs, efficient resource pooling, intelligent mobility combining multi-modal transport and safe trucking of dangerous goods. We are so excited that our engineers and business teams have been finding new business opportunities for our customers!

Transportation Offerings

  • Dispatching systems
  • Documentation management systems
  • Fleet management
  • Accounting systems and interfaces
  • Barcode, Auto ID and RFID
  • GPS/Field tracking systems
  • Route optimization systems
  • Rate planning and comparison systems

We have been in business of custom software development and we are a specialist in Small-Team Software Development by following Agile Methods. We provide a wide range of services on Transportation software application development with the support of our deep web application development and database application development expertise.